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We design and manufacture lamps of all types: suspensions, wall lamps and cordless rechargeable lamps. We study the design, research the materials and make them by hand, seeking a balance between shape, material and light.

The balance of light as a form of furniture

2023-11-07 08:59


The balance of light as a form of furniture

Customized projects for the customer.

artistic lighting for the home

When furnishing a home, lighting is not an easy choice. Good light enhances the intrinsic qualities of places, brings out their soul, which is why it must be chosen with care. The ideal is for it to be enveloping, delicate, never aggressive or direct, in balance with the architecture, landscapes and people. It is definitely a question of harmony, the quality of domestic life is played out on the balance between space, light and life.

At the same time, light, in our vision, is a body present in the environment, it is there. It's matter. It is a lamp with its history, its personality, its place.

Reconciling these two souls is what we try to do in our atelier, giving life to designer light elements whose character dialogues harmoniously with the surrounding environment, objects created by hand and personalized based on the space they have to illuminate.

The Totem floor lamps are an example of this. In our online shop you can find the main models, the evergreen ones that adapt well to any environment. But in our studio we are ready to transform dimensions, decorations and functions, based on the needs of the place and the people who live there. Furthermore, starting from the designed lamp, we can generate a collection of matching lights, to complete the furnishings, wall lamps and chandeliers that are unique but combined with each other.

Below are some customized projects for the customer, site specific lamps that we created after an inspection or coordination with the client


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