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indoor and outdoor artistic lighting 

and contemporary art






Ammos decoreluce, via Garibaldi, 6 - 53030 Radicondoli (SI)  P.IVA 01329980526  info@ammos.it  +39 3337386859

Ammos Atelier is an art studio that designs and create artworks of light and unique paintings

In the right light, every moment is extraordinary.

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 Lucciole, our new cordless lamps!

Lucciole, cordless lamp by Ammos AteliereyJpdCI6Ikx1Y2Npb2xhLCBsYW1wIOAgcG9ydGVyIGZhdHRhIGEgbWFubyIsImVuIjoidGhpcyBpcyBMVUNDSU9MQSEgZXhjbHVzaXZlIGNvcmRsZXNzIGxhbXAgbWFkZSBpbiBUdXNjYW55In0=eyJpdCI6IkxhbXBhZGUgc2VuemEgZmlsbyBlc2NsdXNpdmUsIG9nbmkgcGV6em8g6CB1bmljbyIsImVuIjoiRXhjbHVzaXZlIGNvcmRsZXNzIGxhbXBzLiBPbmUtb2YtYS1raW5kIHBpZWNlcyJ9handmade cordless lampOutdoor cordless lighting design. Exclusive piecesRechargeable cordless lamp. OOAKcordless lamp by Ammos Atelierimg_20220618_125800.jpeglucciole foglie ambientate.jpeg

Our artistic sense of light

lampadario pesce ristorantepiantane design su misura Ammosilluminazione suggestiva spettacoliLe piantane Albero di Ammos Atelier

Our mixedmedia paintings

dipinto il salotto di casa atelier Ammos, quadro Sinfonia del pesce volantequadro su vecchia porta e lampada pesce, Ammos Atelier.ossidi di bronzo, rame e poesie. Quadro tecnica mista Attenzione, quadro tecnica mista di Ammos Atelier, ad Arte GenovaSemfrontera, tecnica mista su legno. Arte Genova 2015
firma Ammos Atelier

Ammos Atelier has an experience of twenty years in the study of artistic lighting both indoor and outdoor, with a special goal: making the light a work of art.


Whether they are art installations and lighting sets for events, weddings or bars, or lights for your home, the lighting enhances the intrinsic qualities of the architecture, landscape and people. 

Choose it with care. 


You can light your moments with a poetic touch! The flying fishes of Ammos Atelier are lamps and chandeliers in the shape of a fish. The light sculptures can create a picturesque scene that transforms reality into a dream.  Playing with the warmth and charme of these lights can evoke beautiful moments.  



If your taste is more towards subtle, soft modern lighting,

we have designed totems, floor standing tubolar lamps.

They can be partnered with ceiling lights and  wall lights to create beautifully balanced diffused lighting throughout your home.


lamp FISH, artistic lighting design


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