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We design and manufacture lamps of all types: suspensions, wall lamps and cordless rechargeable lamps. We study the design, research the materials and make them by hand, seeking a balance between shape, material and light.

A project that combines art and social commitment.

2023-11-07 08:45


A project that combines art and social commitment.

From Dream Cities to Destinazione Sud Festival.

Born in May 2000, the Ammos project is today a dynamic reality that combines artisanal experimentation, painting, direction of cultural events and social commitment.

Viviana is the painter of the Atelier, since 2001 she has been painting, refining original techniques with a poetics that can be defined as dreamlike.

One of the latest collections, The Dreaming Cities , consists of 45 works created with mixed media: plaster, collage, gold and copper leaf, medium/large in size. The Dream Cities essentially represent walls, walls studded with doors, lampposts and windows, naïve architectures that overlap until they become imaginative capitals of the Psyche. Of these paintings, described in a booklet entitled The indispensable guide for dream explorers , only three examples remain.

Now it is more the Tuscan hills and the generous panoramas of the province of Siena that are narrated and transfigured on canvases or, better yet, on wooden panels. The new collection, which can be called The Dreaming Landscapes , is created with a slightly different technique: there is no longer the plaster relief but the painstaking love for collage with pages of old books remains and they intertwine even more the materials: pieces of copper, brass and tiles to represent cypresses and ancient villages.

The dreamlike transfiguration of places is a trait that emerges as liberating. The spell cast on the canvas is the metaphor of a dream that is vigorously pursued even in "real life", outside the painting studio.

The degree in Communication Sciences and the social commitment since the University of Bologna are among the ingredients that led, in 2014, to the birth of Destinazione Sud Festival , an event that brings first-run audiovisual works on social issues to Radicondoli and environmental issues that afflict the planet from north to south.

The aim is to contribute to the dissemination and awareness-raising process for sustainable development and global citizenship inaugurated by the United Nations in 2015.

By shining the spotlight on the 17 objectives of the 2030 Agenda, with a format that also pays attention to the cinematographic quality of the works, Ammos Atelier together with the Strane Genti Cultural Association shares the commitment to transforming our world towards greater environmental, social and economic sustainability.



  • 2002, Florence, Fortezza Da Basso, ART2002: first prize for the best innovative product with the work “Trol”;
  • 2004 , Verona , Incorniciarte Gallery: “Le città invisibili”, collective;
  • 2007 , Siena , Palazzo Patrizi: “Mestieri d'Autore”, collective;
  • 2008 , Siena , Sale della Sapienza: “Mestieri d'Autore”, collective;
  • 2008 , Certaldo , Casa del Boccaccio: “The Dancers”, solo exhibition;
  • 2008 , Ferrara , IV Contemporary Art Biennial: “Luci d'Artista”, collective;
  • 2010 , Bologna , International Design Week, Cinema Lumière, solo exhibition;
  • 2011 , Florence , Florence Design Week: “MAD fashion art design for the world”, collective;
  • 2011 , San Gimignano , Piazza Sant'Agostino: “Turbini di Luce”, collective;
  • 2012 , Certaldo , church of SS. Thomas and Prospero: “Dream Cities and Trees of Light”, solo exhibition;
  • 2012 , Verona, Palazzo dei Mutilati: “Colour: the effort of matter to become light”, collective.
  • since 2012, Radicondoli, “Le Notti di Giove” Festival, artistic direction;
  • 2013, Bologna, Kilowatt Space -   Festival : “Dream Cities and Trees of Light”, solo show;
  • 2013, Casole d'Elsa, La Galleria, project created by Ammos in collaboration with Linda Leupold;
  • from the   2014, Radicondoli, “Destinazione Sud” Festival, artistic direction;
  • 2014, Florence - Milan - Barcelona, La Galleria - a project of the Tuscany Region - the best Tuscan artistic craftsmanship;
  • 2014, Casole d'Elsa, Camporignano, “Wine and Art”, solo exhibition;
  • 2015, Genoa, Blue Pavilion, participation in Arte Genova;
  • 2015 and 2016, Radicondoli, installation   site specific “The Sun is Inside”;
  • 2017 and 2018 , Radicondoli , site specific installation “The Seventh Sense”;
  • 2017 and 2018 , Radicondoli , Festival creation and site specific installation “Onirica”;
  • 2018, Florence , Fortezza Da Basso: The Gallery, ARTFirenze, exhibition;
  • 2018 , Rio Maggiore , Sciaccheart art gallery, collective;
  • 2018 , Elba Island , Marciana Borgo d'Arte, site specific scenography “Flying Fish”;
  • 2018 , Castelfiorentino , Open Air Magic Festival, site specific scenography “Flying Fish”;
  • 2018 , Certaldo , Mercantia, site specific scenography “Flying Fish”;
  • 2018 , Prato , film set “Pezzi Unici” by C. Th. Torrini, site specific installation “La notte Bianca”;
  • 2018 , San Gimignano , Lumière Light Festival, site specific scenography “Flying Fish”;
  • 2019 , Radicondoli , Dreamscape immersive art project, site specific conception and installation;
  • 2019 , Radicondoli , site specific installation “Bubbles of light”.
  • 2020 , Radicondoli , site specific installation “Fiori nel Borgo”.

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