The flying fishes and the artistic installations designed by Ammos Atelier


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The Seventh Sense

Bright Flying Fishes

Dreamscape, a light project by Ammos AtelierThe Flying Fishes, an artistic installation designed by Ammos AtelierLight installation by Ammos AtelierOur light installation in Radicondoli. Ammos AtelierOur Flying Fishes in Certaldo. Mercantia FestivaleyJpdCI6IkFtbW9zIEF0ZWxpZXIgYWwgRmVzdGl2YWwgTHVtaehyZSBkaSBTYW4gR2ltaWduYW5vIiwiZW4iOiJBbW1vcyBBdGVsaWVyIHdvcmtpbmcgYXQgTHVtaehyZSwgRmVzdGl2YWwgaW4gU2FuIEdpbWlnbmFubyJ9Festival of Lights. Artistic installation by Ammos AtelierAtmospheres for shows. Our fishes in Mercantia FestivalOutdoor Artistic Lighting by Ammos AtelierOur artistic lights in San GimignanoThe Flying Fishes, lighting sets for restaurantsHanging light Fish designed by Ammos AtelierOur public artistic lighting Lighting for outdoor Illuminazione pubblica per eventi: i pesci volanti di Ammos AtelierCreative lights for outdoor in Elba island. Designed by AmmosMatrimonio con pesci volanti. Installazione artistica di Ammos AtelierMercantia, Certaldo. Bright Fishes by Ammos AtelierBright Fishes by Ammos Atelier Our exposition in Galleria, ART Firenze. Our site specific installation, Onirica Light Festival poetic lights for wedding. Ammos AtelierUnusual lights. The flying fishes by Ammos AtelierArt Light Installation by Ammos Atelier

Our site-specific installation called "The Seventh sense", also known as the art urban scenography "the flying fishes", is born as a stage set-up for the Festival of Visual Arts, "Onirica".

It subsequently became the artistic installation of several events: the Festival of lights Lumière in San Gimignano, the Festival of magic open air in Castelfiorentino, Marciana Village of Art - contemporary art Festival on the Island of Elba, the famous street Festival in Certaldo Mercantia, and last but not least, the Festival Nights of Jupiter and Dreamscape, the immersive art experiment made in Radicondoli, our adopted village.
The flying fishes designed by Ammos Atelier have been chosen also as a bright backdrop for film sets or theatre, and they began to decorate and illuminate restaurants, clubs, and weddings with their taste for the surreal. The last marriage that they illuminated with their visionary style was that between the musician Cristina Berio, daughter of Maestro Berio, and the film producer Pieter Jan Brugge.

Particularly suitable for lighting  terraces and gardens, they are very much appreciated at the fish restaurants, on the terraces by the sea and in the narrow streets of the holiday resorts to animate the evening walk. But they have been a great success, even away from the sea, thanks to their dreamlike effects creating for the visitor a joyful and surreal atmosphere.





Bellflowers in the village

Bright Flying Flowers

The Flying Flowers. Ammos AtelierInstallazioni artistiche in via Garibaldi a RadicondoliLuci d'artista Campanule nel Borgo. ToscanaAtelier Ammos, Garibaldi 6, Radicondoli. Tuscanyartistic lighting for outdoorilluminazione artistica

Bellflowers in the village is the latest installation conceived in chronological order. It will remain for the enjoyment of villagers and visitors until all summer 2021. Via Garibaldi, Radicondoli, Tuscany.







Bubbles of Light

Christmas lights, and more


Bubbles of Light was born for a Christmas event. The goal was to design an unusual Christmas installation, with poetic and suggestive effect. This creation too ended up being commissioned as creative lighting for private events.






The Sun Inside

The hanging clothes

eyJpdCI6IkxhIG5vc3RyYSBpbnN0YWxsYXppb25lIHNpdGUgc3BlY2lmaWMgXCJJbCBTb2xlIOggRGVudHJvXCIgIiwiZW4iOiJPdXIgc2l0ZSBzcGVjaWZpYyBpbnN0YWxsYXRpb24gVGhlIEhhbmdpbmcgQ2xvdGhlcyJ9Hanging clothes. Light installation designed by Ammos AtelierThe Hanging Clothes. Artistic set in Radicondoli, TuscanyI panni stesi, installazione di Ammos Atelier

The Sun Inside was our first public installation, created in Radicondoli as a semi-permanent scenography during the summer season. It soon became an attraction for the guests of the area and gave us innumerable satisfactions, such as the doubts of the elderly lady of Radicondoli who, passing through the street in the morning, commented: "Aren't these clothes still dry?"

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