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We design and manufacture lamps of all types: suspensions, wall lamps and cordless rechargeable lamps. We study the design, research the materials and make them by hand, seeking a balance between shape, material and light.

Forget cables and electrical sockets!

2023-11-07 11:57


Forget cables and electrical sockets!

Forget the always same design of industrial products! Illuminate your environments with a totally handcrafted and customizable creation.

Forget the always same design of industrial products!

Illuminate your environments with a totally handcrafted and customizable creation.

It's been a while since we thought about designing a WIRELESS LAMP suited to the new needs of our society.

We spent months refining the product.
We tried materials, solutions and different technologies that, although new, already seemed obsolete. In this field, technologies evolve at the speed of light.

Then, literally, a light bulb went on:
Let's let the technologies of light evolve, let's take care of the artefact that houses them.

Light-related technologies are acquiring crucial importance. By providing solutions to global problems, they have become a key field of continuous development: it is assumed that the twenty-first century will benefit enormously from its advances, in the same way that the last century enjoyed the advances in electronics.

Think of the developments linked to sustainability: from photocatalysis, to photovoltaics, to very low consumption lighting, these are all areas in which lighting technologies have made it possible to significantly reduce energy consumption and exploit possibilities that were unimaginable until recently.

And this is how we decided to focus our creativity on the artefact. Our CORDLESS LAMP had to be unique, handcrafted, customizable and, at the same time, suitable for accommodating the most advanced lighting solutions.

Finally the FIREPLACE was ready:
a handcrafted creation with a strong personality, a unique piece where a latest generation device can be planted.

Unlike other cordless lamps on the market, which have rapidly obsolescent integrated systems and are one with them, by purchasing a FIREFLIGHT, if the device becomes defective or reaches the end of its life you don't throw the lamp away! Thanks to a magnetic system, the lighting device is positioned inside the lampshade: you simply replace it, perhaps with the most powerful version released on the market. Take a second.

And above all, you can create your own customized FIREPLACE. Of the table version, there are 6 decorations, 5 colors and various heights, but they are just an example. You can also contact us for a totally customized and unique product.

We are currently using a rechargeable device with the supplied USB cable. It has a warm brightness of up to 90 lumens and a runtime of several hours.

In the floor version, we use a particularly powerful and durable bulb , the best we have currently found on the market: its 7 watts correspond to the 60 watts of an incandescent bulb and the duration reaches 15 hours... A marvel!

In addition to cordless table and floor lamps, we can also design wall lamps and chandeliers without an electric cable with you.
With the LUCCIOLA lighting system you will no longer need electrical sockets. Bring the light wherever you want with artistic floor, wall and pendant lamps.

Don't give up on the infinite possibilities of lighting technologies, but don't give up on the warmth of a handmade object tailored to your needs either.
Behind each of our lamps, there are our hands, our heart, our dedication.


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